The stunning Maldives – The initial approach by air overlooking an idyllic dreamscape of atolls and aquamarine blue water is enough to make you question reality. The lucid experience continues even after touchdown with crabs scuttling across pure white sand beaches fit for a screensaver. How could an island look so damn perfect? Maldives IS the definition of paradise.

Our home-base for this getaway was the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island – about 100km from Malé International Airport. Upon arriving at Malé, you walk out to a bustling ensemble of resort stands and employees looking to whisk you away to the next leg of your journey. Some resorts are only a boat ride away while many, including ours, utilize a seaplane and a scenic 30-minute flight to the resort (picture from seaplane shown below!) We stayed in the deluxe water villa which usually runs $500-$600 per night. If you’re really looking to treat yourself consider staying at the Muraka for a cool $50k per night.

One of the resort’s many claims to fame is Ithaa, touted as the world’s first underwater restaurant. It’s name translate to ‘mother-of-pearl’ in Dhivehi, which is the language spoken in Maldives. Housed under a deceivingly modest looking water bungalow, a five star luxury dining experience awaits you. While dining 5 meters under the sea, you will be joined by a rotating cast of sea creatures (including sharks!) that will be entertaining you during the roughly two hour dinner service. You can view the ever changing seven course menu on their website at If you’re vegetarian like me, you can simply request a vegetarian menu – and as someone who is extremely picky, I can vouch that this food does NOT disappoint!

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Yes the resorts in the Maldives come with a steep price tag – but in my opinion the experience was well worth it as it truly is hard to match elsewhere. I will always dream about the time spent in this beautiful country and I will be very lucky if I ever get to visit again. Maldives was genuinely a paradise dream-come-true. If you have any specific questions about the trip I will gladly answer them in the comments ♡

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