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We packed pretty light for this one. The weather is fairly stable year-round (warm and humid with lots of rain.) I would recommend lots of loose clothing, swimsuits, and clothes/shoes suitable to getting wet (dedicated water shoes were a must.) Belize is a prime snorkeling/diving locale – so bring a GoPro or waterproof camera to grab those underwater shots of the amazingly diverse sea life the country sports!

Belize has two parts to it – the mainland and the Cayes (islands) and they are starkly different experiences.

In San Pedro: A golf kart – you can rent one for fairly cheap! It’s the main form of transportation on the Caye. To get from mainland to San Pedro, you must take a water taxi that departs from the airport.

Rest of Belize: A taxi for the most part. While in Belmopan, we took a bus to and from our Airbnb.

Here are the two Airbnbs we stayed at:

While in San Pedro, we just rented a cheap hotel.

The Airbnbs were wonderful! The first one was in the middle of the jungle – at night there is absolutely zero electricity (no internet or lights!) You get to experience a ton of wildlife at this location, one of the hosts was very knowledgeable about the animals/insects native to Belize and was kind enough to go sightseeing for critters with us. Note: They do have a designated spot for Wifi, but they only turn it on for a specific time period – so if you’re someone who always needs to be on their phone, I wouldn’t recommend this place for you, this location is more suited to those looking to ‘unplug’ for a bit.

    The second Airbnb was more of a resort – but also in the middle of the jungle. It had an awesome nature trail through the thick Belizean jungle that went all around the resort and eventually lead you to a beautiful river.

Belize was surprisingly vegetarian friendly for me! My diet here mostly consisted of delicious beans, fry jacks, fruit, and eggs.

…but my favorite part – THE CHOCOLATE! Belize is known for their cocoa, so don’t miss out on it if you plan a trip here!







This airbnb offers numerous different tours that you can go on – they are all listed in the description on the airbnb website. We chose to go zip-lining (because it was my first time) and to do a cave kayak tour (Patrick loves caves). Both of these activities surprisingly had zero to very few people on them, which made both experiences feel personal and more intimate with nature.




One of the coolest parts about Belize! They have quite a few ancient ruin sites that you can visit – but this one was personally my favorite. Most of the ruins were permitted only for viewing, but there is one that you can climb! Once you get to the top you can actually see Guatemala because the ruins are so close to the bordering country.




There is a resort in San Ignacio that has an educational exhibit full of IGUANAS! There is no requirement to be a guest at the resort to visit this experience, you can pet, hold, and feed tons of iguanas for only $9 USD. If you adore reptiles like myself, this is definitely a must do!

More info here.






There is a TON of stuff to do on this Caye – we were quite overwhelmed with what we could pack into the amount of time we had. A lot of the shops offer tours such as diving, snorkeling, taking a ride in a small plane over the Great Blue Hole (highly recommended!), etc..

 The Great Blue Hole is a giant underwater sinkhole that is 1,043 feet wide, and 407 feet deep. Although flying over the hole is quite pricey, it’s definitely worth it!

Since Belize is well known for their cocoa, I had to visit the Belize Chocolate Company Shop in San Pedro. If you know me, you know that I’m pretty obsessed with chocolate, and this store was a dream!

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